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Verses in Heliodor

Yurin's Song to Wild Freedom

(From "Glans of Tarunan")

I steer the wind to gently play

With the golden blossoms that softly sway,

I blow the rainclouds darkly sailing

To where I hear the voices loudly wailing

Wash away tears, wash away grief,

wash away shame,

I am Joy, I am free

I am Nature Untamed!"

The Ikwra's Death Chant

(From "Fire of Tarunan")

"Whereto, whereto the three fangs gleam

In blue shine and golden sheen?

Wherefrom, wherefrom the winds bring

The scent fading in Passion Stings?

In blood the young are from the living shorn,

The old scattered amongst ashes in foam-waters borne,

O, sons and daughters of a fighting breed,

Listen to the winds, to the cries of the heorlope steeds!

To war, to battle, blades lustring in Provar Wakened!

Unloved, unpitied, forgotten warriors, Tuskdale Children,

Brown is your blood as the soil of your birth,

Fierce your courage to keep free your masters' earth.

But behold, the day is over, awash in slumber gore,

Rest, all is ended, lean on your bent spears, fight no more.

Never again shall it rain with crystal green and grace,

Sleep, find love and care in Jgavir's embrace."

Erlvar's Ode to Retranak

(From "Engelinkyn")

"Goodbye but not a long farewell

To you Masters of the salty swells.

To you I am only a youth of awkward limbs,

But through you I have with wonder glimpse

The sorceries of your twilight-hued existence.

O sovereigns of Retranak, your life is my persistence.

My covenant with you is forged on the ruddy brine,

On the brave bones buried under your frothy shrine.

Roll, roll on waves of joy, waters of sorrow,

I am to the last heartbeat myself to carry the flame of tomorrow."

©1997 by Araiused

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